Three Types of Resumes That People Don’t Want to Read

Resumes People Don't Want To Read

Resumes that people don’t want to read flood hiring managers’ and recruiters’ mailboxes and can cause great consternation. Most importantly, they may put the candidate at the back of the line for a coveted in-house counsel job.

“In the countless resumes that I have reviewed over the years, and in those I have rewritten for clients, there are a few major flaws that stand out so often they merit their own post. These common resume mistakes aren’t limited to the folks who are unsuccessful in their careers. In fact, they are so ubiquitous among those who “should know better” that it prompts me to ask: why do smart people write dumb resumes? Beyond poor writing and lazy proofreading, here are three of the most common culprits in bad resume land…..As I consistently say to clients, your resume is not an obituary, it’s a marketing document.”

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