Will An Inflated Legal Job Title Hurt My Marketability?

Legal Job Title

If you are a young in-houser with an inflated legal job title, you might be concerned about your future marketability. A legal job title doesn’t mean everything, but you might get tripped up if you are the GC at a small start-up and then try to apply for a mid-level in-house job elsewhere.

“There are many roads that can lead to the rank and title of General Counsel. Some roads are loooong and winding. Some are straight up a steep hill. Some have a series of potholes and roadblocks…And others…are an easy stroll up the block. While it is uncommon for a young, more inexperienced lawyer to achieve the designation and status of General Counsel (GC) in an organization, it does occur (primarily in private/emerging growth organizations). And while there are virtues to such a meteoric rise, there can also be challenges. The reality is that GC titles do not guarantee like titles…or roles for the rest of a career.”

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