Top Reasons Why People Quit Their Jobs

Why People Quit Their Jobs

The reasons why people quit their jobs vary, but there are some important ones that top the list. In one of the hottest legal job markets in the decades, don’t overlook opportunities for your own career growth. In-house counsel jobs and General Counsel jobs are available in record numbers, and now is a great time to make a move that advances you down your career path. If you are unhappy, don’t fixate – just get a better job!

“No company likes to deal with turnover, but it’s an employees’ market in many industries and jobs aren’t hard to find. Knowing what might make your employees quit, however, can give you an opportunity to make changes before they give their notice. A new study from the career website PayScale found there are several top reasons employees why leave their jobs.

“The motivation to leave an organization and the decision to accept a job at new one are often two different decisions,” says Wendy Brown, director of content marketing for PayScale. “It’s a push-pull process employees face, and doing the right thing to retain an employee is different than how you attract a new person to your organization.””

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