Bragging At Work Without Sounding Arrogant

Bragging at Work

Lawyers bragging at work? Pshaw! Maybe in BigLaw, but never in the collegial in-house environment. Alright, in-housers, if you insist on bragging at work, here is how to do it the right way. Just don’t turn into a toxic boss, please.

“My old boss at Apple would always tell me to speak up about my accomplishments, because in the corporate world, no one is going to do it for you (they’d rather change the narrative to show how they played the primary role). His observation, sadly, is usually correct, which is why I started acting on his advice. The only problem was, he didn’t tell me how to talk about my accomplishments without sounding arrogant. And if there’s one type of person people loathe more than any other, it’s blatant braggarts…bragging often has the opposite of our intended effect. This leads others to view us not as superstars, as we would wish,

but as arrogant, modesty-lacking show-offs. But my boss at Apple was right: You shouldn’t be afraid to talk up your accomplishments. You just need to do so in the right way. And for that, there are just two simple do’s and two don’ts you need to remember, says Gino.”

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