Go West: Quit Your Job and Move to Boost Your Job Search Prospects?

Boost Your Job Search Prospects

Coveting a dream Silicon Valley in-house counsel position but stuck somewhere else? Considering quitting and moving to boost your job search prospects? The Lawyer Whisperer gives her thoughts on this strategy and the state of the Bay Area legal market:

“Should I quit my job and move in order to focus solely on my job search?….The decision to quit a job and move to a foreign land to find career success takes courage in light of some obvious risks. But these risks are mitigated by a thriving Bay Area legal market and many employers who will appreciate your reasons for such a move and won’t penalize you for it. So if this is your dream and you have the family and financial support, then I encourage you to go West, young man, go West.”

Read: Should I quit my job and move in order to focus solely on my job search? at The Lawyer Whisperer

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