6 Simple Mistakes That Can Sabotage Your Job Search

Sabotage Your Job Search

Sabotage your job search and you’ll be on the sidelines or stuck in your current position forever. Many jobseekers make the same simple mistakes over and over, and this prevents them from being seriously considered for a coveted job. These apply generally, but others have been written specifically for in-house counsel jobseekers. In some cases, jobseekers are shooting themselves in the foot due to mental roadblocks that they cannot overcome. In this, the hottest legal market in recent history, don’t trip out of the starting gate.  Avoid mistakes and set yourself up for job search success.

“A seasoned career recruiter who has interviewed close to 10,000 job candidates shares the most common mistakes that trip up job seekers. There are no shortage of tips on how to have a successful job search. But when you fail to get the gig you want, you may be left wondering why. Hiring professionals are deluged with applications and don’t have time to write a “thank you for applying” letter. So candidates are left guessing. I decided to go straight to the source and asked a seasoned career recruiter what the most common pitfalls are. In a far-ranging discussion with Tejal Wagadia, a career expert at Jobscan who has interviewed close to 10,000 job candidates in the past seven years, Wagadia shared the biggest things that can trip up job seekers.”

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