How To Actively Manage Your Career

Manage Your Career

Manage your career and you will set yourself up for long-term success. If you depend on others to do this critical work for you, you may find yourself years down the road, looking back at opportunities lost and time misspent. You cannot depend on your manager, especially when you have a bad one, as managers are busy planning their own careers. But don’t forget that managing your boss may be part of how you manage your career and a key to maximizing your prospects.

“You go to work, you do your work, and you come home wondering where this is all going. You wonder what your next step is. What can you be doing to elevate your career? So, you ask your manager. And your manager stares at you blankly and points to your projects. You’re confused and head back to your desk. It is too easy to continue this routine until you get frustrated with your current situation and start looking elsewhere…You’re actually looking for your boss to manage it for you. The problem is that your boss is busy managing his or her own career. So, you need to start managing yours. You need to own it.”

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