Ten Tips For People Who Get Nervous At Job Interviews

If your teeth chatter and your knees knock at job interviews, you are not alone:

“Virtually everyone gets nervous at a job interview sometimes. A job interview is an artificial situation. Everything in it is artificial. In real life, we don’t laugh heartily at other people’s lame jokes. We don’t act deferential to strangers in real life, either. In a job interview, you walk into a strange building to meet strange people and try to make sense of their situation. That’s a lot to ask of a job-seeker! You have to answer questions and make a good impression while at the same time, trying to collect enough information to decide whether you want the job or not. A job interview requires you to wear a costume, play a character who’s kind of like you but also different, and to wear a costume. It’s a theatrical experience. You have to be “on,” and that’s stressful. Of course you get nervous!”

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