The Legal AI Barbarians Have Already Taken the Gates

Legal AI is here – and one way or another, it’s coming to a law department near you:

“This week legal AI company, Kira Systems, announced that it is being used by White Shoe, New York law firm, Davis Polk & Wardwell for transactional doc review. A day earlier, another global M&A powerhouse, Latham & Watkins, also told the world they were using AI for doc review, also in this case, Kira. But, this isn’t a Kira alone story…Far from it. it was found that of those UK-based law firms sampled in the Top 30, all were either already using AI systems of some type for paid client work, or were piloting systems with that express goal. Which leads us to the main point here: this has all happened rather fast, in fact a lot faster than many expected.”

Read: The Legal AI ‘Barbarians’ Have Already Taken the Gates at Artificial Lawyer

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