Legal Buyers Taking Charge

Once you grab hold of the reins, don’t ever let go:

“The corporate segment of the legal marketplace is a buyer’s market, and they are driving change. Legal consumers were once content to proscribe cost-controls including discounts, staffing limitations, “most favored nation” rates, and travel. That was followed by more aggressive steps including variations on fixed-fee arrangements, requests for proposals (RFP’s), firm compression, and other competitive processes….ALM’s recently released Intelligence Report revealed that 73% of corporate legal work is now performed in-house with another 2%–and growing—sourced to legal service providers. The service provider (read: non-law firm) percentage would be considerably higher were it to include legal operations (legal ops) in corporate legal departments.”

Read: Legal Buyers Taking Charge: The GC Thought Leaders Experiment and Beyond at Legal Mosaic

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