Stats, Surveys & Awards

Lawyer Population 15% Higher Than 10 Years Ago

Unlike healthcare or higher education costs, the lawyer population increases at a more measured, healthy pace. For those who thought there were millions of swarming attorneys, these numbers should put your fears to rest. Will…

5 Common Personality Types for Attorneys

Only five common personality types for attorneys – is this right? Some would guess that all contain at least one profanity or expletive. But rest assured, the tests have been done and the buckets appear…

Data: Team Players Don’t Get Hired

Team players raise your hands. If you are trying to get an in-house counsel job, you may want to focus on how you can generate individual results instead of how you are a great team player….

Cost Savings Through Legal Procurement

As rates for law firms continue their inexorable rise, a legal procurement function may assist a company in achieving savings in its legal spend: “For many years, GCs and in-house attorneys resisted the influence of…

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