Data: Team Players Don’t Get Hired

Team Players

Team players raise your hands. If you are trying to get an in-house counsel job, you may want to focus on how you can generate individual results instead of how you are a great team player.

“Maybe you’ve been told you should makes sure people know you’re a real team player. It turns out, that’s a huge mistake. Because sure, employers like to say that they value people who can work well on teams–but the data shows they don’t. Not really. The folks behind TalentWorks figured this out recently when they analyzed more than 4,000 job applicants and job applications that had been submitted through their site. Here’s what they concluded about team player applicants–along with eight other surprising things that can affect whether you are likely to get an offer.”

Read: Science Says ‘Team Players’ Don’t Get Hired (Here’s the Surprising Data) at

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