GC Wants Cultish Devotion from Outside Counsel

Ben Garren, General Counsel for North America for Coca-Cola, is serious about his company – and he wants his law firms to feel the same way:

““We’re very cult-like at the Coca-Cola Company,” Garren said at the seminar.  Every person and segment of the company including the in-house legal department should be focused on helping to sell its products, he said and added, “We want our law firms to feel that as well.” Indeed, Jeffrey Cashdan, another panelist and a partner at King & Spalding who represents Coca-Cola, said he has banned competitors’ drinks from his home. “I’m all-in for my client,” he said.”

Read: At Coca-Cola, GC Wants ‘Cult’ Devotion from Outside Counsel at Bloomberg BNA Business of Law

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