How To Criticize Remotely And Constructively

How to Criticize Remotely

For many, these unprecedented times require learning how to criticize remotely – and constructively. Criticism and feedback are key to the proper functioning of the legal department and instrumental tools for in-house counsel career growth. So, as with all things that become part of the New Normal, new skills are needed to ensure that managers can deliver criticism effectively, constructively and remotely. While you are keeping in mind what your internal clients want, consider how to criticize remotely and what other skills you can learn during this crisis that will help you down the road.

“As the world adjusts to the COVID-19 pandemic, more employees are working from home. Digital communication is standing in for everyday “IRL” interactions, requiring us to rethink how to work effectively with our teams—including how we give feedback. Feedback is critical for our improvement and career progress. It goes without saying: when individuals are thriving, teams thrive, too. But, as it turns out, most of us don’t love to dole out criticism. We worry about offending our colleagues or hurting their morale. Or, because we’re only human, we worry about being disliked….With that in mind, here are some expert-backed strategies for delivering feedback remotely.”

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