What Clients Want – Tips for Attorneys

What Clients Want

What clients want should be forefront on your mind and a key aspect of your career strategy. If you are not delivering, they will go somewhere else and your “time on station” will be far shorter than you think. Be proactive and you will not have spend your life dealing with upset people. Stress reduction isn’t all about you!

“Whether you’re inside or outside counsel, clients from around the globe have their distinct opinions about lawyers. Personal experiences shape their views, which range from intense loathing to savior – with a large constituency landing somewhere closer to the castor oil end of the spectrum. Many moons ago, these one star ratings were more often tolerated, but in today’s cutthroat legal profession, a subpar…experience simply won’t fly. Competition is stiff and the days of lifelong client loyalty are loooong gone. So the margin for error is razor thin…which means the quality in which a lawyer services his/her clients will greatly impact a career.”

Read: What Clients Want. at The Lawyer Whisperer

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