60 Tips For Lawyers in 60 Minutes

Tips for Lawyers

The ABA Techshow’s 60 Tips for Lawyers in 60 Minutes is always a crowd-pleaser. See some of the latest and greatest tips and tricks that may help you in your daily life as a lawyer.

“Per tradition, ABA Techshow ended with a rapid-fire presentation of 60 novel technologies and tips in 60 minutes that touched on cybersecurity, process improvements and kitschy gadgets…On the process improvement side, there was Flow-e, which creates a visual workflow within Microsoft Office or Gmail. For presenters looking to up their game, Poll Everywhere allows for real time polling feedback that goes right into a Keynote, Google Slides or PowerPoint presentation. However, if you’re speaking to an audience larger than 25 people, the product comes at a steep price… For those with an Amazon.com addiction, the panel introduced the audience to the Depstech Wireless Endoscope, a Wi-Fi enabled snake camera; and a drink warmer or chiller that also has a wireless charging device for your phone.”

Read: 60 in 60’s top tips covered password security, office shortcuts and a USB drink warmer/chiller at ABA Journal – Daily News

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