Lockdown Life Straining Attorney Mental Health

Lockdown Life

Lockdown life is straining global sanity, so it is no surprise that it is having a negative impact on attorney mental health. Unfortunately, lawyers already struggle with mental health and substance abuse issues at a higher rate than other professions, so we must all take care to watch over our friends, family and colleagues in these unprecedented times. Depending on where you are located, you may not be subject to significant restrictions on movement that make shelter in place orders so difficult, so think about where hot spots are occurring and those you know who may be affected. Some areas are slowly re-opening, while others are subject to curfews and even if outdoor activities are allowed, they are severely restricted. When in doubt, reach out!

“Lawyers’ mental health is taking a hit as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, with studies finding partners and associates feeling stressed and isolated. Covid-19 has triggered global lockdowns and forced the legal industry to adapt to suddenly ubiquitous technologies such as videoconferencing platforms Zoom and Google Hangouts.Use of these tools has ensured the smooth running of much of the lawyers’ output but they have reported a toll on their mental health, which they blame on the lack of face-to-face interaction with colleagues and others. According to LawCare, a UK legal mental health charity, calls about the effects of coronavirus accounted for half of its helpline traffic since March 10. Lawyers reported feeling lonely and anxious about their health and job security.”

Read: Lockdown life puts a strain on lawyers’ mental health | Financial Times

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