In-Housers More Focused On AI Tools Than Biglaw

AI Tools

Data from a recent survey shows that the differences between the in-house world and Biglaw also extends to how they are viewing and implementing AI tools. This may underscore the importance of gaining and improving AI skills for in-house counsel. In-housers should follow the AI Blog to keep up to date on AI issues.

“A survey of over 200 senior lawyers at AmLaw 200 law firms and those working inhouse at major corporations, mainly with a professional interest in disputes, has found that inhouse lawyers appear to be more focused now on AI and automation than their external cousins…Inhouse teams, as staff members of often very large businesses, have a very different set of challenges. The key difference is that the main owners of the inhouse legal function are not the lawyers…..but the shareholders of the entire company and their goals are heavily aligned with driving efficiency and finding cost savings where possible to increase financial benefits for them, which includes legal, risk & compliance.”

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