Leveraging AI In Legal Resume Writing

legal resume writing

Legal resume writing is a topic that InhouseBlog® has covered many times over the years. Indeed, the in-house counsel resume is a bit different than those submitted to Biglaw firms. Tips for legal resumes are plentiful, but with the advent of GenAI, many applicants have turned to AI tools to assist them in preparing their resume. As with other areas of GenAI usage in these early days, applicants must exercise caution when using AI tools, but that does not mean that AI cannot provide significant assistance. Rena Barnett of Attorney-Career-Coach.com provides great tips on utilizing AI during the legal resume writing process:

“This is not an article on how to use Artificial Intelligence, “AI,” to draft your legal resume. Instead, it explores how AI can enhance your resume. As an executive recruiter with two decades of experience and a legal career coach, I strongly advise against simply inputting prompts into Claude or ChatGPT to generate your resume. I review between ten to thirty resumes daily, and it’s easy to discern those written exclusively by AI, although thankfully, there aren’t many. However, AI is an excellent tool for improving clarity and conciseness in writing, acting as a personal assistant by proofreading and clarifying your text. I recommend utilizing AI to enhance, not replace, your own writing. The best resumes seamlessly blend the writer’s insights, specific experiences, and unique voice with professional structure and presentation.”

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