Only 14% Of In-Housers Never Use GenAI

never use GenAI

Never use GenAI? You are part of a dwindling cohort in the in-house world, as your peers are steaming ahead with using GenAI and GenAI-enabled tools. In only a short period of time since GenAI tools became available and have started proliferating, in-house counsel have not been shy in dipping their toes in the latest wave of the future. AI skills can enable lawyers to earn significantly more than their less-savvy peers, and AI is rapidly penetrating the tools that lawyers use on a daily basis to practice law. While AI adoption rates vary among sectors, adoption rates are showing that GenAI and GenAI tools will rapidly increase in importance in the near term. By the end of 2024, GenAI will be fully entrenched in the day to day life of many in-house lawyers.

“A survey by Juro of 105 inhouse lawyers around the world has found that only 14.3%, (i.e. 15 of the 105), were ‘never’ using any GenAI tools at all. Last year’s survey saw 45% state they would not be using the technology. The data, albeit from a small sample, indicates a notable movement in use and acceptance. That said, about 42% said they ‘seldom’ used it, while 19% used it every day, and just under 25% every week. However, given the changes since last year it’s fair to assume that many of the ‘seldom’ group will by 2025 be in the ‘every week’ group. In short, for a technology that was barely known about in 2022 there has been a significant change.”

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