7 Warning Signs That You’re In The Wrong Job

You're In The Wrong Job

You’re in the wrong job, but you might not even realize it. Millenials apparently get it, while others are slow on the uptake. With the legal job market booming and unemployment at record lows, realizing that you may need to move on and taking proactive steps are key.

“It’s been over 15 years since I became a career coach. Back then, it was still “taboo” to work with one. People assumed there was something wrong with you if you needed to seek a career coach’s help. Thank goodness for Millennials. They were raised on coaching. They don’t see coaching as a sign of weakness. They view it as a path to greatness…Millennials are digging deeper to figure out what a satisfying career means to them. They want success and happiness. In my experience, this starts with recognizing when you’re in a career situation that isn’t playing to your strengths and preferences. That sounds so simple and obvious, yet you’d be amazed at how many people stay in jobs that are a poor fit for them because they don’t realize it’s time to make a change. In my experience, there are seven signs it’s time to start looking for a new job…”

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