Being a Work Martyr Doesn’t Help You Advance Your Career

Were you a work martyr this past weekend?

“Do you consider yourself a work martyr and feel no one else can do your job? Do you sacrifice your paid time off in a pursuit to further your career? That approach isn’t helping you, according to a new study. While 38 percent of employees say they want their boss to consider them a work martyr, only 79 percent of these self-proclaimed work martyrs actually got a raise, compared to 84 percent of people who did not use this label, according to Project: Time Off’s The State of American Vacation 2017. “We need to put to rest the fallacy that ‘work ethic’ is equivalent to work martyrdom,” Project: Time Off Director of Communications Cait DeBaun said in a press release. “Not only are employees not getting ahead by sacrificing time off, these habits may also be harming their careers.””

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