Jobhunter Beware: Ten Signs Of A Toxic Company Culture

Liz Ryan, CEO/founder of Human Workplace, gives ten signs of a toxic company culture. If you are seeing these red flags while looking for an in-house counsel job, beware! Here are a couple at the top of her list:

“The interview process is cold and bureaucratic. Official communications have no warmth or personality in them at all, but rather read like form letters. You are nobody special to these people — just another applicant in a long line of them….The employer makes multiple clerical mistakes in scheduling your interviews, getting back to you after interviews and collecting information they need from you, but they never acknowledge their mistakes much less apologize for them. You are expected to go with the flow, and if you object you may even get the reaction “Don’t you  understand we have a lot of candidates to deal with?” They expect perfection from you,  but not from themselves.”

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