How Great Lawyers Leverage Intuition

As Jennifer Mercanti and Lisa Watson point out, leveraging intuition may be the difference between good and great lawyers:

“Lawyers regularly navigate complex situations that require thoughtful and strategic decision-making. While knowledge, experience and research are essential to this process, an important and often overlooked tool is inner knowing, or intuition…We believe that intuition is an especially powerful tool for the legal profession….Lawyers who integrate intuition in their practice experience a range of benefits. It helps to improve the quality and impact of their work, relationships and career opportunities. It also boosts confidence, makes them more self-aware, empathic and able to push beyond their comfort zone with grace. In other words, honing your intuition can help you to improve your practice, hone your business sense and accelerate your career growth.”

Read: Beyond evidence: How great lawyers leverage intuition at Canadian Lawyer Magazine

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