The Future of Legal Talent – Not Lawyers?

Lawyers? We can always find ourselves some more of those – but other professionals providing legal-related services? They may be harder to tie down for the long-term.  The debate over the future of legal talent continues:

“A Deloitte February 2016 report, Developing legal talent: Stepping into the future law firm, suggests that by 2025, UK law firms will need a broader skill mix to remain successful. I agree but take issue with Deloitte on how to manage that mix….I disagree, however, with Deloitte’s view on how to manage them. Deloitte believes firms will have less incentive to develop and retain “non-traditional” employees and will likely access them via “transient” means such as “through partnership arrangements or contractor models”…In my view, there is a stronger case to treat lawyers as the transient and other professionals as permanent. I say that because of the current and likely future dynamics of the labor market for each category of professionals.”

Read: The Future of Legal Talent – Not Lawyers? at Prism Legal

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