In-Housers Are Becoming More Pragmatic and Practical

Pragmatic and Practical

The pandemic has brought many things, and the majority of those we want to leave behind – forever. But the pandemic’s challenges have also changed the way we work, the way we react and the way we deal with novel issues – both legal and business. Many in-house lawyers, who have always been tasked with being innovative and business-minded, have seen business changes that require them to be even more agile than before. When the times present unique pressures and difficulties, in-house lawyers have found themselves having to become more pragmatic and practical. This new agility will pay dividends in years to come, as agile lawyers are more valuable to their organizations, more effective at doing their jobs and more likely to succeed in their careers.

“Post-pandemic, legal departments are increasingly required to be more than just legal advisers, said these two in-house lawyers from NOVA Entertainment….However, the media industry was hit particularly hard by the pandemic, which posed a number of challenges….”But then also I think as part of our job, and Ben also sort of touched on this, was just the reliance on the lawyers and the legal team to provide really, really practical advice in this environment. More than ever, we have to be quick and pragmatic and help and assist to come up with practical solutions to these new circumstances that no one’s really dealt with before. So, I think that’s definitely one way that our sort of role has changed as a result of COVID that has a flow-on effect of the practical changes and the legal changes.””

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