7 Strategies For Succeeding In-House

Succeeding In-House

Succeeding in-house takes more than just gumption, as this recent article from the ACC Docket points out. Having an open mindset, diverse relationships, and excelling in self-management even in the face of rapid change are all key factors to succeeding in an in-house counsel role. Another key is knowing how to position yourself for success, which is critical in charting your career path and maintaining agility while encountering the bumps and boulders in the road that everyone faces at one time or another.

“In a world where the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and heightened geopolitical tensions act as a backdrop to market and social disruption, the life of an in-house counsel continues to evolve rapidly. Legal operations, technology, and restructuring initiatives are seeking to amplify efficient and effective delivery of legal advice to company business units. With relatively flat departmental structures, competition for general counsel roles continues to be fierce. Alternative and flexible working arrangements are enabling in-house counsel to make choices about when to work, but expectations of counsel being available 24/7 have nearly erased the line between work and personal life. To address these issues and take advantage of their opportunities for future career success, new and established in-house counsel can benefit from taking a proactive and adaptive stance to their roles and career management. This article offers seven strategies which in-house counsel can use to underpin future career success.”

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