Post-Covid Legal Careers: More Choice And Less Practice

Post-Covid Legal Careers

Post-covid legal careers could look strikingly different than mere months ago as the legal industry reshapes and reforms itself to the changing realities brought by the global pandemic. Job dislocation and creation in the legal sector will occur simultaneously, as the New Normal rolls out around the world. Change happens, and those who can adapt and constantly improve and enhance their skill sets will continue to be in demand. The concept of a traditional legal career that existed pre-Covid (and pre-2008) will make way for a diverse range of opportunities. As some doors close, many others will open. As always, be prepared as competition and scarcity will affect the legal industry as with all others. Older workers must be particularly proactive, as they are often the hardest hit during downturns and must be vigilant in planning for their post-Covid legal careers.

“Legal practice—as lawyers have broadly construed it— has long been the touchstone of the profession. That’s why non-practicing attorneys often described themselves as “former” or “recovering” lawyers. The profession controlled the supply of legal talent and used self-regulation to blunt “non-lawyer” competition….“Former” lawyers, once outliers within the profession, will soon become mainstream and outnumber their practice peers. In the after-COVID world, legal professionals—of which licensed attorneys are a subset— will handle many functions once considered practice. Many legal services will morph into products, and others will be automated. This will erase many legal jobs but create new ones, too. Legal knowledge will be a plus, but additional skills will be required.”

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