Combat Apathy and Feel Good Again – 5 Ways To Get Back On Track

Combat Apathy

Combat apathy in these unprecedented times and you will improve your physical and mental well-being significantly. We live in tumultuous and tension-rich times, unprecedented in the lives of most, yet there are things we can do to help ourselves as long as we make the effort. Stress and anxiety are common, but they can be overcome as we look forward to better days. The pandemic and other tragedies have strained attorney mental health, but with proactive steps, lawyers can help themselves and put them in the best position to support their family, friends, colleagues – and clients!

“Right now, a lot of people (including me) are struggling with apathy. Apathy is defined as a “lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern.” Basically, it’s a feeling that we experience as not feeling. It’s an emotion defined by a lack of emotion. During this pandemic, many of us have newfound free time as work has slowed and extracurricular activities are canceled. In “normal” times, we’ve yearned for extra hours to catch up on some long-standing personal to-dos…Yet, now that we have the time, we can’t seem to find the energy to do anything on that long list.”

Read: Five Ways to Combat Apathy and Feel Good Again at Attorney at Work

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