Take The Path Of Most Resistance Early In Your Career

Take the path of most resistance early in your career. An expression you may not have heard, but perhaps wise advice for those looking to stretch early and become battle-hardened in-house counsel.

“I get a lot of questions, but one question I hear all the time is: “What should my next career move be?”. I usually talk about this question as the career choice between the path of least resistance (which most of us understand and like) and the path of most resistance (which most of us understand but don’t like because of the potential risk it presents to our career success). What does the path of most resistance look like? It could be a lot of things, from a new project totally outside of your current knowledge base, a bigger role you don’t feel capable of doing, or even taking a role you know you probably won’t like that much and don’t really even want in the short term. It is easy to convince ourselves to avoid all of those scenarios early in our careers, but here are two reasons to take that path of most resistance and why they will significantly help your career in the long run…”

Read: Two Reasons Why You Should Take “The Path Of Most Resistance” Early In Your Career at Inc.com

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