Do You Cringe When Receiving Documents from Outside Counsel?

If you do, you are not alone.  Here is a message from a General Counsel about one of his outside counsel’s work product. As the linked article relates, expressing your feelings can be the first step in getting your outside counsel back on track:

“I do not want to work with you to select the words, develop the structure of a paragraph—or document—for that matter. What I want is a thoughtful piece where—if I choose—I can add insight or new thinking. Do not send me your draft documents. I don’t care if you stamp it with a draft stamp or if you are using the document to just share your thoughts. Send me a finished document. If you want to brainstorm and conceptualize, call me or let’s meet—don’t make me review your unpolished document. It is an utter waste of my time—and don’t send any to my staff either!”

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