Despair Ahead: Millennial Lawyers and the Legal Job Market

Are millenial lawyers headed for a rude awakening in the legal job market? Are lawyers at any level immune?

“We recently learned of the shocking story of Robert Chu, a medical school graduate who committed suicide after twice being unable to secure a residency spot….A self-regulating system with the responsibility of ensuring that graduates are able to find meaningful employment within their chosen field failed him. Similar to young doctors, entry-level lawyers are well aware of the waning legal market….after lengthy conversations with friends and acquaintances who graduated law school within the past five years, I’ve realized that precarious legal employment (part-time or contract work) is fast becoming the only option for some Ontario law school graduates who possess glowing resumes, completed clerkships or articled in leading law firms.”

Read: Despair ahead: Millennial lawyers and the legal job market at Canadian Lawyer Magazine

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