What It Takes to Stay Competitive at Work

Stay Competitive At Work

What are you doing to stay competitive at work? Oh, this was the reason you went in-house, to avoid the competition and nefarious shenanigans prevalent in many law firms. But then you realized that the competition didn’t stop once you entered the in-house pearly gates and it’s not limited to annoying co-workers:

“If people viewed their jobs the way they viewed their hobbies or favorite sports teams, or their kids’ sports, they could make multiple times their current income. A lot of people are competitive in areas that don’t matter, like club tennis or Little League, but not at work. That same drive should exist in the office, where you’re actually getting paid to produce. Too often people think that somehow, because everyone needs a job, it’s not a try-out sport…But it’s not. Everyone has to earn it…The people who get promoted and make more money are the ones who understand that the competition doesn’t stop.”

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