The Current State Of The Legal Market

Legal Market

Looking for some analysis of the current state of the legal market? Look no further than the venerable Lawyer Whisperer who has been sharing her guidance on legal career trends for some time now. She covers recent hiring trends in different sectors, compensation, remote work and even layoffs which have become more and more prevalent given the economic conditions, but for which the legal sector is currently not taking it on the chin.

“Close your eyes. Now imagine yourself in a large whitewater raft barreling down a string of frothy rapids.  Sometimes out of control, trying desperately to manage your terror. Sometimes slow and easy, catching your breath and reassuring yourself that “You Got This”. Crying a little. Laughing a little. Not knowing what’s around the corner…with no destination in sight. Congratulations, you have just experienced what it’s like in the current state of the legal market. For most of the professional world, 2021 was a 500mph blur. The economic bounce…was reminiscent of the flush days of the dotcom boom on steroids. But as we approached the end of Q2 2022, converging factors…collectively chopped the thriving economy off at its knees…This about-face has undoubtedly affected the legal market. But exactly how? Below is a finger on the pulse of the current state of affairs in the legal profession.”

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