Leadership In-House – Head up or Head Down?

What does leadership in-house mean to you?

“Every couple of months you’ll see an article, presentation or infographic trying to define the line between a leader and a manager…One of my favorite useless platitudes is that leaders have their heads up while managers have their head down – meaning that a true leader will come up with ideas and delegate the execution to people more capable of pulling it off.  While those who have ‘only’ reached the manager level, will still keep their heads down focusing on the work right in front of them instead of thinking the big thoughts.  For many of us in small departments, it really isn’t a choice.  There’s just no one there to delegate to, or if there is, they are so far in the weeds that it’s not fair to pile more on them.  Of course that doesn’t relieve you of the obligation to think outside of the box and come up with innovative solutions to the problems your company is facing.”

Read: Leadership In-House – Head up or Head Down? at In-House. Out Takes.

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