In-house Roles in Demand as Lawyers seek Greener Pastures

In-house roles are increasingly in demand for a multitude of reasons:

“Law firms continue to be the better pay masters but more and more lawyers are choosing to join corporate houses as in-house counsel for better work-life balance and opportunities to be part of strategic decision-making at companies. Increasing pressure on senior private practice lawyers, such as partners, to focus on business development is another factor favouring this trend, according to industry executives.’As an in-house counsel one aligns tightly with the business and is able to ascertain the commercial impact of issues from the ground up,’ said Nandini Mehta, general counsel at real estate portal ‘This role allows you to fill gaps in any business decisions that aren’t assigned to or owned by other people in the organisation. There is also a greater ownership of outcomes and an ability to witness the results of your work,’ added Mehta…”

Read: In-house roles in demand as lawyers seek greener pastures | VCCircle

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