26 Tips To Boost In-House Client Service

How do you achieve excellent in-house client service? Take a look at 26 juicy nuggets from The Mad Clientist:

“During BTI’s 25th anniversary, I published a long-form book, Clientelligence: How Superior Client Relationships Fuel Growth and Profits, which has become an Amazon Customer Service Top 30 Best Seller—and a Kirkus Best Book of 2015. But my clients and friends wanted something more. The advice I got was, “Think short and pithy—focused suggestions on how to immediately boost client service, keep client relationships moving forward, and develop more business without ever using the dreaded sales pitch or hard sell. And make it easy and quick to read.” You can see the results below, and in my latest book: The Mad Clientist’s ABCs of Client Service. 26 nuggets of insight—each tied to a word and letter of the alphabet. Each nugget, one for each year BTI just completed, tells its own story of how to boost at least one aspect of client service.”

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