How to Become an Innovative Lawyer

How can an in-house counsel become an innovative lawyer? Hear what Mark Cohen has to say on the subject:

“There is no single path to becoming an innovative lawyer. Every lawyer has a unique set of personality traits, skill sets, passions, and priorities. Successful lawyers draw from their personalities and exposure, fusing it with legal expertise. Innovative lawyers understand that legal expertise is only one facet of legal delivery. They devise and deliver legal services from new models that combine legal acumen with advanced technology and management skills…It’s a great time for lawyers to be innovative. Until recently, law firms were the sole provider of legal services. They performed every aspect of a matter from start to finish. There was little opportunity for lawyers to innovate in this climate. And even the brightest young lawyers usually had to “wait their turn” in the hierarchical structure of law firms.”

Read: How to Become an Innovative Lawyer at Legal Mosaic (Mark Cohen)

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