2020 Career Move – Don’t Hold Back

2020 Career Move

Don’t hold back from a 2020 career move. While the market is tumultuous, organizations are still hiring for important roles and the changing environment and unique issues presented by the global pandemic make the legal function more important than ever. So, while you may be debating making a 2020 career move, it is at the very least a good time to look especially if it’s time to move on from your current role.

“It’s safe to say this year went very differently than anyone might have planned. Almost immediately, the new year ushered in uncertainty that has halted many of our personal and professional plans and upended industries and workplaces. From my recent conversations with candidates, the uncertainty of this year has left them—understandably—hesitant about looking for their next role. Despite the headlines in the news about layoffs and economic uncertainty, though, many companies are still actively hiring. In fact, Lucas Group recently conducted a survey interviewing high-level finance and HR leaders across the company, and found that 73% of companies are hiring. And of the 62% of businesses that have been negatively impacted by this, 32% of them are still hiring for critical roles.”

Read: Don’t Hold Back from Your Next Career Move in 2020 at YourCareerIntel (Lucas Group)

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