How In-House Counsel Can Get to Yes

Head over to Bloomberg BNA’s Business of Law Blog to read a thoughtful piece by Moujan Kazerani, General Counsel of Emerging Businesses, Dun & Bradstreet, who discusses how in-house counsel can buck their instincts and get to yes:

“At many corporations, the legal department is the ‘Department of No.’…Why do many attorneys say “no” more than “yes”? Usually, because they are risk-averse. They see their job as protecting the company from litigation, and “no” as a security blanket that will protect them and the company from any and all risk. But a great inside counsel understands that risk is sometimes worth the potential reward, and that rather than eliminating risk, their job is to find creative ways to minimize it. That means learning not just to say ‘no,’ but when and how to say ‘yes.'”

Read: How In-House Counsel Can Get to Yes at Bloomberg BNA Business of Law

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