How To Get More Respect At Work

Get More Respect at Work

Feeling a little like Rodney Dangerfield these days? Have no idea who he was? Well, suffice it to say that for many it is time to get more respect at work, even if you are surrounded by a bunch of fakers:

“There’s very little more soul-crushing than when you don’t feel respected and valued at work. I’d venture to say that over the portfolio of our career, we all will experience, at a minimum, pockets of lack of respect. I know I did…I encountered a leader that didn’t get me…I was rarely asked for my opinion. I felt like I constantly had to prove why I deserved to be there and yearned to scream out “Don’t you get that my way of doing things can work too?! “…I felt I deserved better than felling bitter. And I wasn’t alone. University of Michigan Professor Jane Dutton says that an astounding 90 percent of workers polled say lack of basic respect in the workplace is a big issue.”

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