How To Position Yourself To Be The GC

Be The GC

Do you want to be the GC of your organization? Positioning yourself is a key part of the process. Whether you are currently a Deputy GC, Head of Legal, CCO or are in another senior legal role, the final leap to the GC spot is a difficult one. Even if you have the experience and the qualities necessary, making the cut can be impossible for some and the culmination of a tremendous journey for others. Christopher Williams of legal recruitment consultancy MLA Global shares his thoughts on what is needed:

“Securing the opportunity to move from the DGC to GC seat can be one of the most difficult professional moves for a lawyer. Limited opportunities, internal and external competition, and sometimes even overcoming the tarnish left from a predecessor or the organization’s negative perception of the legal department, are present issues. Despite these challenges, there are still several ways a thoughtful deputy can position themselves to be the heir apparent and take the GC seat….As hard as it is to become a GC and as invested as you want to be and seen in your business, it is just a fact that sometimes your best opportunity is in another business. Keep your ear to the ground and maintain a group of trusted external sources through law school affiliates, your prior law firm experience and other business relationships, and make sure that at least a few people know your goal. Also, keep your eye on large subsidiaries or affiliates of your business that might be set up in a way to give you the opportunity to be a mini-GC or a division GC.”

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