Inhouse Lawyers Lag Law Firms on AI Use

In-house lawyers typically pride themselves on being just as competent as their law firm counterparts – but do they lag law firms on AI use?

“A new survey of inhouse legal team use of AI, by Thomson Reuters, has shown that – at least as far as the survey sample shows – GCs are woefully behind in the adoption curve compared to large commercial law firms, with just 1% of inhouse lawyers saying they use any type of system with an AI element in it. The survey of 207 inhouse lawyers, from senior GC roles to more junior staff, also suggests a strange dichotomy, where many respondents said they were generally ‘ready’ to make use of any technology that was available, but very few were actually doing so in relation to AI.”

Read: Inhouse Lawyers Far Behind Law Firms on AI Use – Thomson Reuters at Artificial Lawyer

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