How Baby Boomers Destroyed the Legal System

Well, now that the election is over, at least we will have something new to argue about:

“The American Bar Association tracks certain demographic information about lawyers.  One of which is the age of lawyers. The information is woefully dated (from 2005!) but it does show that close to 60% of lawyers were baby boomers 10 years ago.  And the numbers don’t seem to be improving. American Lawyer just published an article about the complete stranglehold boomer lawyers continue to maintain on law firms, especially when compared with other industries. The study cited found that Gen X lawyers were less than 5% of Am Law firm leaders. Boomers account for close to 75% of law firm leadership. What have they done with that stranglehold on law firm leadership? Boomers reduced opportunities within law firms.”

Read: How Baby Boomers Destroyed the Legal System. | Joshua Lenon | Pulse | LinkedIn

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