How To Take Calculated Risks To Advance Your Career

Are you lazing around like a seal on the rocks or are you ready to take calculated risks to advance your career?

“It’s tempting to settle and get complacent in the comfortable, but you learn a lot from stepping out of your comfort zone. There is a great chance that you’ll be happier as a result and, even if you aren’t, you have to have the confidence that you can pick yourself up and figure it out. Taking calculated risks has been key to Nina Bhatia’s career. Bhatia is currently managing director of Centrica Connected Home, where she is responsible for the Hive brand which focuses on making smart home products and services widely accessible. Bhatia was previously commercial director at British Gas where she was responsible for all brand, marketing, product development, digital, sales and insights…. She was a partner at McKinsey & Company and worked in various markets around the world, specializing in media, energy and healthcare.”

Read: How To Take Calculated Risks To Advance Your Career at Forbes

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