Can Trying To Be Likable Kill Your Career?

Finally some tangible proof that there are lawyers who are trying to be likeable:

“A long time ago, in a law firm far, far away, when I was a mid-level associate, I was assigned to work on a project with a senior associate. He seemed like a nice person, and we got along fine. I felt comfortable enough to make suggestions that seemed above my station, such as a particular idea for settling the case and getting our client out of a jam. Senior Associate nodded his head. Then, at our team meeting, he said, “so, I was just thinking…” then proceeded to tell the partners my idea—without crediting me. The partners loved it. I was less impressed; I was dumbfounded and offended. But I didn’t speak up. Not at the meeting, nor privately with Senior Associate.  Why? Because I wanted to be liked. By everybody.”

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