Strategies for Dealing with Office Food Pushers

by Submitted Post on April 17, 2014

By Megan Grandinetti, Esq.
The Lawyer’s Health Coach

One of my clients (“Sara”) recently hired me to help her deal with a new kind of pressure she was experiencing at her new law firm.  Sara went from Big Law to Tiny Law (a 4-person firm) for a lifestyle change.  What she wasn’t prepared to face, however, was that one of the partners with whom she worked on a daily basis was a “food pusher.”

A “food pusher” is someone who insists on taking you to heavy lunches, who makes a stop by your office to alert you every time there is a fresh tray of sugary, baked treats in the office kitchen, or who makes you feel like an outcast for packing your own healthy lunch.  My dad is a food pusher, and it’s his way of showing affection.  In Sara’s case, the food pusher was one of her new bosses. While I can simply say “Dad, enough already!” and abruptly end the food bullying, she was afraid to say “no.”  Instead, Sara gained 20lbs over the course of 6 months.

Here are some strategies for dealing with food pushers in your office:  [click to continue…]


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