Working Too Hard Could Harm Your Career

Working Too Hard

Working too hard could harm your career – who would have thunk it? The next time a colleague accuses you of phoning it in, just remind them of the dangers of working too hard or learn the power of saying no.

“A lot of media attention over the years has focused on the harmful effects of working long hours…from Bay Area startups to sprawling multinationals, the ethos at many companies is still centered around how many hours you can clock at work. There is a powerful assumption underlying this ethos too: That the more hours you put into your job, the more you’ll get out of it by way of recognition, compensation, and opportunities for advancement within the organization.  A new study…of nearly 52,000 people from 36 European countries…concluded that it’s not just the number of hours you clock at the office, but how intensely you work during those hours, that affects your satisfaction at work and opportunities for advancement.”

Read: Working Too Hard Could Be Harmful to Your Career, Says a New Survey of 52,000 Employees at

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