Report: The State of the Legal Market

state of the legal market

The Lawyer Whisperer strikes again with her excellent analysis of the current state of the legal market. The wonky feelings you are getting about the ups and downs in the legal sector and the economy generally are normal. For some, terrifyingly normal, but normal. Those who have been around since the late 90s have seen weird cycles before, and each one is unique in its own way. But no matter what is happening, it’s important to keep up to date with the expert analysis that recruiters and other professionals can provide, as this can help you continue to chart out your future career path over the long term. So follow this latest installment in the “State of the Legal Market”, get your popcorn out and continue to watch things unfold! Whether you see your in-house counsel position as a job, career or calling, the next 12 to 24 months will certainly be interesting for all. Fortunately, despite issues in certain sectors, there are plenty of in-house counsel jobs available, including coveted General Counsel jobs and remote legal jobs.

“As we round February and prepare to slide into March, the number of inquiries, concerns, and freak-outs I’ve received about the current state of the legal market has reached epic proportions. For those wondering the same or are feeling uneasy about where things stand and what the future may hold, I have provided a finger on the pulse of what is happening…right now, this very minute. Before you read on, take a Dramamine, and prepare for the twists and turns of the legal profession as they have unfolded yesterday and as they continue to unfold today….The legal profession and the legal market never cease to evolve, amaze, and teach. Those who have been part of it for more than a spell, have experienced the ups and downs and twists and turns of its evolution that started more materially in 1997. And depending when you ramped on to this Legal highway, the volatility, layoffs, and lack of security may seem like Old Hat. On the flip side, those who are attending this rodeo for the first time, may experience disbelief, helplessness, nausea, extreme panic…and fear. But fear not!…..You are going to be ok. Your career is going to be ok. Your finances will be ok…and you will survive and thrive and be happy in our marvelous profession. The market will recover. It’s on its way. And there will be jobs that will provide the opportunity to make money, add value, and be inspired.”

Source: Report: The State of the Legal Market at the Lawyer Whisperer