Job, Career or Calling: Which Do You Need?

Job Career or Calling

As we wind down 2022, many are eager to put this year and those that preceded it in the rear view mirror and look forward to 2023 and beyond. The pandemic has had a deep impact on the labor market and the individuals who propel it forward. The psychology of work, and the view of work, has changed for many. As we look to 2023, there is plenty of time for introspection and examination of our work environment and how we would like to change it based on lessons learned during the prior tumultuous years. For some, part of the analysis will be whether they are looking for a job, career or calling. And within those categories, individual contributors must decide how they want to work and whether climbing the ladder is important for their long-term goals and wellbeing. For many in-house counsel, the flexibility many have had with remote legal jobs has transformed their lives even during some of the most difficult times. Others have not missed a beat during the pandemic in their quest to advance their careers and become the highest level attorney at their organizations. Ultimately, everything comes down to personal choices and what is right for you. There are no wrong answers, and there is always the ability to change course down the road. The key is to periodically take a step back, see where you are going, and determine whether you are on the right path for yourself. Read on for more from Work It Daily and subscribe to their newsletter for future tips!

“There are so many people who are stuck in their careers right now and can’t figure out what to do next. I know from 20 years of career coaching that the answer lies in figuring out whether you need a job, a career, or a calling. A job is something that just pays the bills. It’s serving a singular purpose. You don’t feel any identity tied to it…Whatever the reason, you just need a job where you can punch in and collect a paycheck…Then there’s a career. I would say the majority of people fall into this category. These are people who want work to be meaningful to them. We’ve seen a big shift in this as a result of the pandemic. People are becoming purpose-driven professionals who don’t just want to do a job. They want the work that they do to have some sort of impact or meaning or at least make them feel satisfied….The last category is a calling. Very few people fall into this type of work. This is when what you do becomes a large part of your identity. Finding a calling happens when people get super passionate about solving a problem, alleviating a pain, and creating more happiness.”

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