Manage Your Workday, Don’t Be Managed By It

Manage Your Workday

Manage your workday or it will manage you. Attorney at Work has some great tips on how to improve your workday management skills, especially for those returning to an office environment on a full or part-time basis in a hybrid role. For those continuing to work from home, optimizing productivity is key. By taking a step back and implementing some simple steps, you can avoid turning into the “worky work, busy bee” who is so busy that they are unable to get anything accomplished. It’s harder and harder these days as the number of distractors continues to increase, while workloads show no signs of dimishing.

“You can control your work or be controlled by it. These tips for how to manage better will help you stay in the driver’s seat. The practice of law is dynamic. Existing demands on our time compete with new ones added throughout the day. Each demand is a puzzle piece we must fit in to assemble the day. And we must constantly reassemble the ever-changing pieces into a day that is effective and efficient. How? Here are four tips for better managing your workday.”

Source: 4 Tips for Managing Better in a Post-Pandemic World at Attorney at Work